Show Notes for Church Planter Starter Kit Podcast, Episode 2

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Church websites intimidate pastors and church planters. You have to have one. You know you need one. But church websites and all they entail is NOT in your wheelhouse. 

There are 3 things church planters need to know about your church website and brand.

  1. Your church website and church brand are more important than you think.
  2. Not knowing anything about church websites or branding is NOT your fault, but it IS your responsibility.
  3. Good News! You are not alone and you can do this well because I’m here to help.

Today’s episode takes a closer look at the first of 5 Missional Marketing Maxims we introduced in episode 1.

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

  • What am I missing about my church website?
  • What stands in the way of me having an effective church website?
  • 5 things we forget when we build and launch church websites.

You want to connect with as many of the people you’re called to reach as possible. You want to share the gospel because Jesus is good news. 

Grab the free resource from today’s episode and get help connecting with the people you’re called to reach.

Grab Your Free Resource: Build a Better Church Website

Here’s one simple way to help you connect your church website to the people in your city. This is so simple. You can do this TODAY! (You can even recruit some of your leaders or core team to do this too.)

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