The COVID-19 pandemic has forced important adjustments for how you communicate with your church.

I know you’re all adjusting on the fly. It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by the rapid changes in how you do ministry.

I also know you remain hopeful in the power of the gospel expressed through the bride of Christ during this time.

Create a New, Temporary Website Home Page

Consider creating a temporary new home page for your church website. (Create a copy or back up of your existing home page so you can easily return to it at a later date.)

Yes, a popup banner or alert bar about your streaming service can help. But present circumstances are making for broad changes for how you’re doing ministry.

Remember, your website home page is there to serve visitors by answering their most pressing questions.

A temporary home page might include the following:

  • Online service info (where, when, & how to access your stream)
  • Countdown timer until your next online service or gathering
  • How to Connect in light of COVID-19 (hurting or spiritually awakened guests need to know how they connect to your church in these circumstances)
  • Any special gatherings or ministries your church is offering during this time (online prayer gatherings, spiritual practices like fasting, service opportunities, etc)
  • Any new ways to receive communication or experience community (describe your current communication action plan; IE We will send out an email update/FB post every Wednesday)

A Few Ideas to Increase Community and Communication

  • Online Prayer Gathering: I know of one church of 600 who had 2K people participate in a recent online prayer gathering
  • Podcast: Either use your current ‘sermon’ podcast show to provide more pastoral updates; or consider a separate podcast for these special circumstances. You can even do an ‘unlisted’ podcast available to those who are connected to your church family. Makes for easy sermon follow-up, easy announcements, and an easy way for your church family to feel connected to leadership.
  • Email: If you do a more formal monthly email, consider pushing pause. Instead, do text-only shorter emails more frequently during this time.
  • Social: Continue using social. Look to share ways the Spirit is at work in the lives of your normal folks. Use your public social feeds like a missionary humbly speaking to a hurting, fearful, onlooking audience.

One Final Reminder/Warning:

Resist the temptation to bombard your people with info from every angle.

  • Get organized.
  • Get your team on the same page with a clear communication plan.
  • Avoid staff or leaders ‘going rogue’ or doing their own communication thing on top of what you’re already doing.
  • Pray for wisdom as you strike the balance between overwhelming people who are already overwhelmed and keeping people informed, connected, and beloved.

I’m praying for you as you sacrificially lead and serve.

Please share what’s working for you and what’s frustrating you. I’m here to help!


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