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Yes, Your Church Website & Brand Can Be Missional

The Church Planter Starter Kit Podcast Shows Busy Pastors & Church Planters How

The Church Planter Starter Kit podcast is dedicated to helping you transform your church website and brand into a gospel-centered, digital missionary.

Each episode draws from my background as a pastor, church planting residency leader, experience in several startup companies, and founder of my own marketing & design business in 2001. I know firsthand the challenges you face as a busy pastor or planter.

All told, I’ve had my hands on 50 or more church websites over the past 20 years! Together, we can transform your website.

Episodes are short, practical, and most include a free resource. The content is driven by the gospel, and based on gospel principles.

If you want to be a gospel-centered digital missionary with your church website and brand, this is the podcast for you.

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