COVID-19 has created a significant spike in your church website traffic.

My church saw a 168% increase in unique website visitors from February to March. 😲

I checked the website traffic reports for a few more of my church clients and here’s what I found between February and March…

  • 49% increase for a church in the NW
  • 87% jump for a church in the SE
  • 100% growth for a church in the NW
  • 105% growth for a church in my neck of the woods

Here’s the good news…

The increase has happened REGARDLESS of the ‘physical size’ of the church!

How can you best serve all of these new website visitors?

If you saw that kind of growth in your Sunday gathering two months ago, I bet you’d be strategic in your response.

But now your online gathering and church website are the primary places where you can communicate and connect with visitors.

It’s no secret WHY we’ve seen a spike in numbers.

But how we respond as the church, on our website, and through our online gathering often feels like a ‘secret’ to many pastors.

How can you best connect? How can you help guests understand if your church is a place where they can find help and fit in?

Consider This ‘One-Click Away’ Reality

Everybody is online—meaning most churches have adjusted and they are now streaming online…like you.

Yes, that means the gospel is going forth. However it also means a lot of confusion.

Think about it.

Now, every other church is only one click away for anybody searching online. And in a culture of consumerism, HOW can you stand out and connect without caving in? Should you even try?

It’s NOT about ‘a competition’ with other churches. It IS about connecting with the people in your community your church can serve.

Check Out This Free 30-Minute Training For Help

I recorded a free 30-minute webinar training where I covered…

  • What if visitors checking you out are primarily ‘consumers’
  • How to connect online in a culture of consumerism
  • A simple exercise to help you better connect with the right visitors

You can watch the replay of the webinar:

Watch the replay here »

Get Your Free Resource Included with The Training

I added a free resource on the replay page.

I included a free worksheet on the replay page.

The worksheet helps you and your team discuss who you connect with and how to share that online.

All-New Training

This is all-new training I have never shared before. Best of all, we covered it in 30-minutes.

Watch the replay here »


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