I just wrapped up the Church Planter Starter Kit beta. The kit is A 7-week missional marketing course for busy church planters to connect your church website and brand to the people you’re called to reach.

Here are 3 amazing things I learned while walking the guys through the kit.

Plus, at the end, there is a free bonus resource to help you improve your church website TODAY!

1. Church planters are busy.

Captain obvious here. But church planters are busy pastors. Like I’ve said so many times, church planters wear a thousand hats. Being a church planter is like starting a business…but harder. Here are a few reasons why (from someone who knows both roles well):

  • You often have access to more resources when you start a business than a church plant. (You can take out a loan or find a million books, blogs, experts, or coaches to help you.)
  • Results are more immediate and measurable for a new business than a new church plant. (A business can measure revenue, sales, conversion rates, and more. You can have metrics for your church plant, but you can’t chart the human heart.)
  • You have to find, win, and serve customers in a new business. Similarly, you have to connect with the people you’re called to reach as a church planter. But you’re not done there. You have to love, sacrifice, and pastor broken people from day one of your church plant.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Church planters have to consider branding, church websites, marketing, budgets, and all the other stuff an entrepreneur does. But they have to deal with so much more too.

2. Church planters are intimidated by the prospect of church websites and all that entails.

With the rise in church planting, there has been a rise in training and resources. There are church planting networks, books, conferences, and church planting residencies. I’m thrilled by all the help available. It’s an indication of how much there is to cover. 

But one area yet to pierce the veil is what to do about your brand, your church website, your messaging, or your marketing. Again, with all the other stuff to cover, this gets left out. When it comes time to execute your brand and church website, most church planters are at a loss. Time and pressures push these important areas aside. They are relegated to the ‘throw up’ list. The throw-up list is all the last minute stuff a church planter feels forced to ‘just throw up there.’ 

No need to cower at the prospect of having a great church website. Use this free resource to improve your website in 3 simple steps…TODAY!


3. When armed with the right info, Church planters are remarkable at owning the importance of being good ‘digital missionaries’.

 (By “digital missionary” I mean—how a church planter skillfully uses his online space to contextualize the gospel for the people he’s called to reach.) The church planters in the beta went from 0–60 in a flash. They grabbed the importance of viewing their brand and church website as a powerful platform to connect with their audience. They worked hard, motivated by the opportunity to connect the gospel and their church to the people they’re called to reach.

I’m excited to see how each of these church planters apply their skills and serve their audience. More importantly, their brand and church website excite them now, rather than intimidate them.

Improve Your Church Website Today…for Free!

How about a free resource to help you improve your church website today? Yes, please. Download this quick PDF to make three simple improvements to your website today. These three simple changes work regardless of what platform you use (WordPress, Squarespace, Church Plant Media, or whatever). Connect with the people you’re called to reach. Serve them. Speak to them. Give them good news.



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