Show Notes for Church Planter Starter Kit Podcast, Episode 6

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Today’s episode wraps up our first series. We round the corner on the 5th missional marketing maxim.These principles remind you of one thing: 

Your church website and brand are packed with POWERFUL, GOSPEL, MISSIONARY POTENTIAL.

I Bet You’ve Said This Before…

There is a common temptation every church planter faces. It pops up when it comes time to create a website and brand.

The number 1 temptation is:

I’ll deal with the website later when…

I get it. Websites, branding, marketing…not fun. Why can’t you just go plant your church. You’re a pastor, not a marketer. You want to make disciples, not get bogged down in all this stuff.

Plus your to-do list keeps growing!

But there are some big mistakes behind the “I’ll deal with the website later when…” approach.

5 Mistakes Behind I’ll Deal With It Later When…

This episode unpacks 5 common mistakes behind that kind of thinking. Discover:

  • what the 5 mistakes are
  • how to get rid of them
  • a simple formula for finding the “value” of your church website

Grab Your Free Resource: Your Digital Missionary Website Value Formula

Grab the free resource from today’s episode and start turning your website and brand into a digital missionary for the gospel.

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