When you send an important email, nothing is more frustrating than getting a bounce alert that says, ‘Failure to Deliver’. In the world of email, you get an alert. But what about when we communicate, market or share our church plant with someone?

Failure To Deliver, part 1

I’m going to take aim on helping us avoid ‘message failure’ in the next email. But first, I need your help.

I need your 1-word response to this question…

How do you feel when you’re interested in a topic but fail to understand what an expert says about it?

For example, when you go to a conference or buy a book on a topic you’re really interested in…but the conference speaker, break-out session, or author leaves you confused. How do you feel (in a single word)?

Leave your 1-word response (how you feel). Or, you can click here to anonymously share your 1-word response online.

PS Please choose an emotion other than ‘frustrated.’ I know…that’s the go-to emotion for us dudes. Dig deep. ?

I’ll use your responses in the next email article. You’ll be encouraged by how easy it is to turn this feedback into a powerful motivator for effectively communicating and marketing your church plant.


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