Church Planter Starter Kit

Connect your church website and brand
to the heart of the people you’re called to reach.

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You’re Called to Plant.

I’m Called to Help.

You’re called to bring good news to your community. But planting a church is hard. Your church brand and website are important first impressions for those you’re called to reach. Most church planters lack the experience and expertise needed to build a brand and website that connects with the heart of your audience.

Church Planter Starter Kit helps you connect with those you’re called to reach.

Busy Church Planter

Connect With Your Audience.

Grow Your Gospel Influence.

  • arrow bullet right iconThe right website, message, and branding can help you reach your audience.
  • arrow bullet right iconDone well, these will be an always-on missionary for your church plant.
  • arrow bullet right iconOtherwise, it’s like mumbling the good news through a bad radio.
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Grab My 25 GoTo Resources for Church Planters.

Images, fonts, colors, free design software, and more.
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Sharing Your Church Plant

Get The Word Out

When you plant, you want to get the word out to your community.
Impact happens when your communication or marketing is seen, heard, and understood.



Make your first impression with design.
Miss the mark here and get overlooked.



Use your voice to cut through the noise.
Sound generic and get ignored.



Say the right things the right way.
Speak their language or get lost in translation.



Grow your audience with clear steps.
A cluttered path leaves them lost on how you help.

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About Church Planter Starter Kit

Robby Fowler

I’ve had the joy (and pain) of helping plant several churches and startup companies. Ensuring your message, brand and website connect with your audience is critical. Most planters have zero training in this area. As a longtime pastor and founder of Robby Fowler Design, I’ve helped more than 30 churches and non-profits connect with their audience and grow their impact. You’re called to plant. I’m called to help.